Journal #10-1

Within the film Smoke Signals, there were many events that have important meanings. One of the important events was when Arnold, Victor’s father, started telling a story to Suzie about a basketball game. Arnold and Victor played against two Christian Caucasian. He told how Victor was like a warrior and how he played like he was an Eagle spirit, flying past the Christians. I believe this is an important event because it stated how it was the Native Americans V.S. Caucasian Christians. It symbolizes that tension between them back in past and how they discriminated against each other.

Another important was event was when Arnold talked to Suzie. He asked her what was the worst thing that you have done to a person. She would state how she stole an old lady’s pursue and how she slept with her best friends boyfriend. She said that she broke two hearts that day. Arnold then stated how he had broken three hearts. I believe he was talking, of course, about Victor and Victor’s mother, but whose is the third broken heart? My belief is that it is Thomas Builds-A-fire. Thomas told a story about how he went to Denny’s once with Arnold and how he acted like a father to him. So, I believe Arnold felt that, since he saved Thomas from the fire in the beginning of the movie, like a father towards him. I believe the filmmakers were trying to express not only Victor’s relationship with Arnold, but Thomas’s relationship with him as well. It shows how much people care about each other within the reservations and how close they can get.


Journal #9-6

Within the story, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight In Heaven, Alexie writes about Native Americans drinking heavily and how it is a stereotype. He describes that many people who live on the reservation drink every day to the point of no return. My belief to why he showed this aspect of Native American life is because he wants to show the readers the culture.

In the chapter “A Train Is An Order Of Occurrence Designed To Lead To Some Result”, Samuel-Builds-A-Fire has his birthday but it does not turn out how he expects it to be. He gets laid off from his job and it seems that his family totally forgets about sending him birthday cards and such, like they forgot about his birthday. Samuel talks about how many people in the reservation have undergone alcoholism and his was the only one who was sober. He talked about how he seen people ruin their lives because of alcohol and that he did not want to become one of those people. However, his depression grow and he decided to have his first alcoholic beverage. He stated how he understood why people who get drunk and he started to walk around. In the end, he pass out on railroad tracks when a train was coming his way.

Throughout the book, alcohol was played in every chapter. Alexie continues to write about because it has been in his life forever. Considering alcohol was a big role in his life, it was the only thing he could probably write about. Plus, it shows how alcohol is a big subject in the Native American culture. No matter where he would turn, alcohol would always follow.

Journal #8-2

Journal #8-6
A warrior, defined as a brave experienced soldier or fighter. Although, is that the true definition of a warrior? Some might claim that a warrior is someone who fights to protect the innocent, a hero. Though, some might say that a warrior is someone who only battles for Oglory, and is a mindless fighter looking for blood. There are many definitions of a warrior. In the book, “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven”, the main character Victor states how him and his people in the reservation strive to become warriors.

Many people within the reservation have a goal to become warriors. Why? Why do they have this need to become a warrior? My belief is that there are many reasons, starting within their blood; their Native American ancestors. They want to become like their past relatives and live up to their standards. Considering that there are not many Native Americans left, they want to fight to expand and to say to the world that they are still here. That they are still here to fight, to stay alive and keep their race standing. The people in the reservation want to become warriors like their ancestors to fight for their rights and protect themselves from the outside world. They want to make something of themselves, and become something more important than just a person. They want to become a warrior to be someone, someone strong and powerful to receive glory. The people in the reservation want to be someone worth living.